ipad adventurecity


Fun moments with your family, your friends, a first date… An outdoor competition for team buildings and companies.

Get ready for an excursion and an augmented reality experience like you’ve never seen before.

Try to get the highest score by solving puzzles as fast as you can.

Take up challenges and have fun with this outdoor adventure!

Make use of your common sense, your sight, and your logic to gather enough crystals and intervene on the magical portal before it’s too late!

Operation Mindfall

The criminal organisation Spider Tech secretely resumed some researchs about MK Ultra and is getting ready to executes their plan.

Join us !

With our secret agency, WISE, try to find some clues around the city in order to stop the virus spreading.

Magic Portal

Use your wit, your eyes and your logic to get enough cristal to intervain on the magic portal before it get too late !

ipad adventurecity


20 Rue Victor Leydet
13100 – Aix-en-Provence

Contact Us

E-mail: info@adventurecity.fr
Telephone: +33 (0)7 71 03 41 16