Discover the ultimate team-building activity! Imagine 40 or 60 employees playing the same game! That’s what we can offer you.

In the city or on your site (activities can be organised at your place of work), explore the sites and solve our riddles.

Teams (5 to 6 people maximum) set off equipped with a briefcase and a tablet that your game master will give you at the start.

The tablet will enable you to go to the geolocated points and discover the riddles either by observation, manipulation (with the objects in the case) or in augmented reality with the tablet’s camera.

You’ll combine a visit to the city with its heritage and cultural references, with the dynamism of a game and a team challenge.

The tablets are interconnected and the teams’ scores are live!

The technology, the equipment provided and your game master set us apart from a simple treasure hunt or rally.

We offer Operation Mindfall for a more complete and complex challenge.

For more sharing, this is a game that can be played with up to 80 people simultaneously (Corporate MINDFALL version), but we can do more on request.

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